Sunday, February 20, 2011

I am a witness

 I personally think it is good to look truth square in the eyes every once in a while.

Re-directing my focus. Grounding me to my convictions. Reminding me of reality. Earthlings has always done this for me. It's raw, it's beautiful, it's moving, it's painful, it's huge, it is all encompassing and sometimes hard to watch, it is always emotional, but it is the truth.

It is just a film, but it is a film which makes me responsible for my actions and it makes me a direct eye-witness to the things I have done in the past and the things which my species continue to do every day. I am lucky enough to not have had to experience these things myself, but they happen each and every day in the world around me. It is the raw truth staring me in the face, which is more than most of us can handle. 

 The average person doesn't want to think about what's on his plate, or how it got there, or what role they play in it, and neither did I until a few years ago. Which brings me to my point: that watching something like this is just un-speakable and un-fathomable, yet here it is, just a click away, waiting to be seen, just one click to see the truth. 

 So today I am posting the link. Not to scare you, or bash you, or shame you. I am posting it just so you know it's out there, and when you're ready, when you think you can face reality, when you think you are ready, you will know you can reach up and click "play", and you can become a witness too...

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veganelder said...

Good for you for posting the link...and for knowing you can only show people the can't force them to take it. Someone once commented that when you use your finger to point the way...lots of folks will suck on your finger instead of seeing the direction you are indicating. :-)