My love for running actually started in 7th grade, when I joined the track team. Although I think I was doing it for the social aspect as much as the running aspect! I ran the 100m dash, 200m dash, and 4x200 relay. The next year I was "good enough" to be part of the 4x100 relay!

 I didn't run much in my teenage years or early twenties.

My love for running was sparked again when I ran this 5k race in October of 2008
I didn't do well, but it made me realize how out of shape I was, and how much I wanted to run.

I practiced running in the gym and around my apartment complex, and then signed up for a small, local 5k three weeks later.
 I was able to shave minutes off my time! I can't remember if it was 6 minutes or 3 minutes, but it was enough to inspire me to keep running!

 My third race was November 7th, 2008, the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

 That winter, I trained for a half marathon by spinning, swimming, and running. I ran my first half marathon in April of 2010.  I wanted to run it in 2 hours, but ended up getting under my goal and doing it in 1 hour 50 minutes!

My ever-supportive friend Dan came with me to Indiana, where I ran my first half marathon: The Indy 500

 There were soo many people at this race:

After the half marathon, I was motivated and hooked, so I signed up for a triathlon. I trained three to four times a week with a group of people at my gym. These people were doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, and pilots. A grab-bag of careers and ages, all united by the desire to work out and encourage each other. They all competed together in triathlons from April to October. If it wasn't for this group of very special people, I would have never signed up or completed my first triathlon. They were there with me in the pool when I was learning to swim, and they were there with me at the finish line when I did the race, clapping and cheering for me.
 This is my friend Adam and I at the race site at 5 am, setting up bikes and getting ready for the race.

A hypoxic moment, right out of the pool. I put my helmet on before my dry cycling top!

 My cute little fan club who came out to see me and cheer me on! How sweet are they?!

 I took a little time away from races and my next race was the following year, Thanksgiving 2011:
 This is the first race that The Boyfriend and I ran with his sister-in-law. It was years in the making!

Following that was the Fall Harvest Run in November 2010:

 Stay tuned for my 2nd half marathon, coming up in May of 2011. It'll be in Indiana again. I can't wait!