Tuesday, August 23, 2011

St Louis Weekend & Wedding

 I have returned from another wedding weekend. This one was in St Louis, and I was a bridesmaid in my good friend's wedding.

The day we flew in we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner,

 followed by some fun & drinking afterward.

The Bride-To-Be and myself

The next morning we got our hair done and got ready for the wedding.

And posed for lots of pictures

The bride and I:

The ceremony was beautiful. She had 9 bridesmaids! After the ceremony and before the reception we took more professional pictures and the bridal party drove around in a trolley car:

It was my favorite part of the day!

 It might have been hers, too!

 My favorite pic of the trip is this one:

 The next day we had some time to do some sight seeing and get around the city a little.

It was beautiful weather

and we loved seeing the parks and sights .

We even got to go up to the top of the arch!

 I didn't take any pics of food because the food we ate there was just okay. It was either lukewarm or had little taste to it. It makes us appreciate Charlotte, NC restaurants after traveling to Ohio, Colorado and Missouri and seeing that most places don't really have that great of food.

 This weekend some friends from work and I are doing the warrior dash.  It's a 5k run with 13 obstacles including fire pits, ropes to climb, hills to scale, and water to cross.

It should be a really fun time! Check out more about the warrior dash here. Hope the weather holds off.

 Any plans for your weekend? 


Rick said...

oh man, that warrior dash sounds like a blast! glad you've been having so much fun lately :D

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Oh wow!! You were just here! Where did you eat?? There are only a couple of places that are super vegan friendly but just wondering where you ended up eating?? Sometimes I think the 15 dollar salad at Whole Foods is the best option, if not a lot is open or close!!

Michelle said...

A friend of mine tried to talk me into doing a warrior dash with her. I think she's doing one in MS sometime in Sept. How was it?