Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black Bean Hummus

 This is the most delicious black bean dip I have ever made. We make it constantly, almost as much as hummus, and it's just as easy!

Black bean hummus:
1 can black beans, drained
3 tablespoons tahini
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 to 2 tablespoon cumin
1 teaspoon olive oil
splash of garlic powder, or a little bit of a garlic clove

Place all ingredients in food processor and blend. I blend mine for a long, long time because I like it extra creamy.

 We like to dip black corn tortilla chips in our dip, as well as carrot/cucumber/celery/zucchini sticks!


Rick said...

thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

seriously, my wife and i are huge black bean dip fans but we havent been able to veganize the more decadent ones we had in our pre-veg days. i seriously never thought to try tahini...duh! and we make hummus all the time! for some reason i had a pre-conceived notion that I wouldn't like those 2 tastes mixed. But i love them both! Thank you so much for the inspiration to go bang some of this dip out this weekend :D

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Looks great!! Just made hubby another batch of hummus tonight. Have been doing a**loads of chickpeas in the slow cooker & so SUPER easy & the peas are really nice & soft. Plus the dogs love them too! (I give them Animal Essentials enzymes with the beans also, for them & for us!). My problem with hummus is that I cannot stop eating the stuff & then I get a HUGE bellyache. But thought I would spice it up a bit for him & I think it may be the week for a "bean change". Yeah, I know, us middle aged vegans are SO exciting :) He is however, massaging KAVA!! (Downgrading from beer, a sad transition for a man!)

Casey said...

I love me some black bean hummus. So easy to make and I can eat the whole batch!

Michelle said...

I've seen recipes for this, but never tried it. Just so happens that I cooked up a bunch of black beans the other night. I'm thinking I need to try this out! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Mrs. Dohpaz said...

Wow, looks awesome. I definitely have this on my to-make list. :)

Chucky said...

Booger, Michele! How dare you?

I just went and bought a big 'ol tub of hummus from Costco the other night. Now I'll have to wait until it's taken a beating before I can make this delicious sounding recipe.

But, lucky for me, I have all of the ingredients handy 'n ready when I do make it. :)

Kelsey said...

the texture of this hummus is fantastic!! oh how i wish i was that tortilla chip right now..ready to dig up some of that black bean hummus ;)

hehe xo

Kelsey said...

ps. your wish is my command, just added you to my blogroll :)

Allysia said...

Holy crap this looks good! I love hummus. Maybe I could get my mom, the Chickpea Hater, to eat this instead!

Diana said...

Yum! I lurve black bean hummus! :)

Michelle said...

Love this idea! I also love avocado in hummus :)

Mommy Sarah said...

Going to try this for lunch today. I usually swap out veggie broth for the olive oil and omit the tahini. Still tastes great. I plan on eating this over whole wheat penne as a thick sauce with other vegs!