Friday, July 15, 2011

Myrtle Beach Half Marathon

 Some friends and I have signed up to do a half marathon in South Carolina on Oct 23, 2011!

Initially I had asked my friend Melissa if she wanted to run it with me, and then a few other girls overheard and we asked them too, and then a few others, and now there's quite the group of us ICU nurses running! I am so excited because I've never ran with more than myself or just The Boyfriend. Speaking of boyfriends, mine and a few other of the girls boyfriends/husbands are running it with us, too!

 The good thing about running with co-workers is that we can hold each other accountable, check in with one another, and train together! 

 The run description is that it is an easy, flat road on the boardwalk

And we get little surfboard metals at the end! 

 The best part, (besides the run, of course) is that there is a beach party afterward, complete with music and beer! My co-worker has rented out a beach house for us that holds 20 people and we can stay the whole weekend. Can you say weekend getaway??

 What fun runs are you doing this year?


Allysia said...

Okay. So I would maybe run a half-marathon if there were a promise of beer and music at the end. And if a bunch of other people I knew were doing it. But...probably not. I'd probably just skip the whole running thing and wait with the music and beer for everyone else. :)

Michele said...

haha ... i like it :)

Rick said...

good luck! i personally don't condone running, for several reasons, but then again i realize i'm a bit different from everyone in seemingly everything :) ayurveda has taught me to not over-exert, and training for a marathon can certainly lead to immune system compromise. keep hydrated and well-fueled! :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

YEAY good for you!! This sounds like fun! Good luck girl!