Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! 

 Happy Easter, everyone! We have arrived in Indiana in time for Easter and now it's time for some fun! I have been "tagged" by the beautiful Kelly from Eat Yourself Skinny and now must create an Easter menu using only food from my blog. Hi, Kelly! Thanks for the recognition =)
 This is how to play this game: Each person tagged must create an Easter menu using 5-10 recipes from their blog. Drinks, appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc including pictures and a link to the recipe. Show off your food! I don't have any specific Easter recipes yet but will do my best to throw together this menu. It just turns out we are going to a pot-luck tomorrow so this will be practice for my actual menu and will include some of the food we are bringing =) 

 Lets get down to business! 

1) I'm going to start with some better-than-tuna-salad because fresh, quick salads like this remind me of Spring. Everyone who has tasted this salad thinks it truly is better than tuna salad. Enjoy it on crackers or triscuits as an appetizer.

2)  Salads are also good to start with so let's have a big greens salad: 
 romaine lettuce, radishes, carrots, peas, anything with color and crunch!

3) The main dish will be mediterranean pasta salad (and that's actually what we are really taking tomorrow for out pot-luck)

4) and since you always need dessert, I think this no-bake key lime pie would be perfect for the spring atmosphere and Easter mood! 

5) Some people don't like limes, or key lime pie, so an alternative dessert would be a strawberry smoothie:

 So there you have it! Now I will "tag" some other bloggers so they can create an Easter menu and share their recipes as well! 
Nicole: Fresh and Fit
Suzy: Suzy Eats

  Enjoy ladies, and again, Happy Easter everyone! =) 


Lauren said...

Thank you for tagging me :)

All of your food looks delicious! That pasta salad looks especially yummy!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Have a great day!

Kelsey said...

Hoppy Easter !!!

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

Such a fun idea! Love it!

Sylvia said...

Nice blog, love your recipes all looks delicious and tasty

SuzyEats said...

happy easter. I love key lime pie :-) so yummy