Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planting Love & Trying New Food

 I got this little packet of flower seeds at work

And for some reason held onto them although we do not have a garden or anywhere to plant them.

 Coincidentally, while in Indiana for Easter, The Boyfriend's Dad gave us this cute little pot that can attach to a balcony. Perfect for our 2nd story back patio!

 We decided to plant these "seeds of love" today, because, well, who couldn't use more love?
How cute is he planting our "seeds of love" ? ;) 

My turn...

 Of course we both had to participate and fold our love into the soil in order for the seeds to get the full benefit and proper care :)

 Then we made a trip to the Farmer's Market, popped-top-style, because we were ultra low on fresh produce

and we walked away with two HUGE bags of fruit and veggies for only 25 dollars!  

 We promptly came home and washed and cup up the produce, and soon our kitchen looked like this 

We tried something new today from the farmer's market! An asian pear.

It said on the label "part apple, part pear", so knowing that, I was kind of prepared. The Boyfriend, however, didn't know that, and as we each bit into our own pieces, the first thought that came to my mind was apple, followed shortly after by the taste of pear. The Boyfriend, however, wrinkled his nose and said, "I'm not quite sure the asians know how to make pears".

It had such an interesting taste. Like I said, my first thought was apple because of the crunch, but the texture was like a pear.

 I can't stop eating that salad with red-wine-vinegar and olive oil as a dressing. I quickly threw together some of our new purchases: romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, radishes, baby bella mushrooms, bean sprouts, tomatoes, and onions. I drizzled red wine vinegar and olive oil on top, and voila! Beautiful, fresh, crisp salad for lunch.

 I know, my camera is getting super old and is either too bright, too dark, or blurry. I think this is due to it's age and not my less-than-phenomenal photo skills. I got it as a present when I was only 21 and, well, we all know how old I am now ;)

 In addition to trying the asian pear, we also tried something else new: Coconut milk!
While at the grocery store, I grabbed our usual almond milk, but was also drawn to the coconut milk. The Boyfriend is so great about trying new things and is always encouraging me to branch out, so while I stood there debating possible taste, cost, and what I would use it for, he kept saying, "Just try it. Put it in the cart. Just do it." We ended up with coconut milk and it is, of course, delicious. Like coconut milk ice cream without the extra sugar. The thing I am most pleased about, however, is the nutritional value:

I compared this side-by-side with almond milk, and although they are similar in most ways, coconut milk has 50% of our necessary Vitamin B12 intake! Wow!

 Vitamin B12 is known as the "energy vitamin" because it gives you energy by increasing red blood cell production. When people feel lethargic, tired, and worn down all the time, Doctors usually ask "Are you getting enough iron (or B12)?" Vegans and vegetarians are told there is no way to get vitamin B12 unless you eat the red blood cells of other animals (like red meat) but that is simply not true. One serving of Nutritional Yeast has enough vitamin B12 to cover you for the entire day, and now you can add coconut milk to that list, too!
 The typical daily recommended doses for vitamin B12 are as follows:
 Pregnant Females: 1.5 mcg
Lactating Mothers: 1.5 mcg
Normal Adults: 1.0 mcg
Young Children: 0.2 mcg

 Now we can all go tell our doctors we are vegan but yes, we get enough protein, and yes, we get enough B12! :) 

 What is the last "new food" you tried? For me, it was the asian pear and coconut milk this morning. Both were good, and I would (and will be) eating them again.
Do you find that you crave more fruits and vegetables in the summer months?  Spring has already come and gone here in Charlotte, NC, and now it is full-on summer. When I'm hot, I either don't want to eat, or I want juicy, light food, like fruit and vegetables. I forsee more salads and snacky-foods in our future and less dense, heavy dishes like I made through the winter. 
 What kind of camera do you use, or recommend? As I mentioned, I'm using my years old digital camera, and can't wait to invest in a nice camera! I'm thinking a canon s90 because it is small but with all the features of a bigger camera. Another friend suggested a high end Sony and I was looking into that one as well.


Lauren said...

Oh my gosh you and your boyfriend are the cutest couple ever! I love that you planted seeds together :)

And all of that produce looks so yummy! What a good deal too!

Have a great night :)

Kate Kedziora said...

Hi Michele! I am a neonatal nurse. I just started a few weeks ago in the NICU, and I am sooo excited!! Previously, I worked on an ortho and bariatric surgery floor (not my thing!) so I am happy to make the huge change to baby world and I am loving it :) And I love your blog too! I had no idea coconut milk had all that vB12 in it! I have it in my fridge now, but I think all I looked at on the label was fat, sugar and calories WOOPS. I will look more closely haha Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Maria said...

Hello Michele. I actually starting interning to promote a wheatgrass supplement. It's called Revv. So that's how I found about it.

If you feel your photos are too bright or dark, then you can fix the "levels" on It's a free online photo editor that doesn't require downloading. If you have friends that knows these programs, ask them about layers and opacity so you can experiment. =)

Michele said...

Lauren - thank you for saying that! I have been watering the "seeds of love" every day now..still no sign of them , lol

Kate - i know right (about the vB12) how great is that!

Maria - Thank you for letting me know about pixlr, i just tried it out and it is super easy & fun to use! Do you also use the Revv or do you just promote it? I havent heard of that brand but i'm going to visit the health food store again to get some BrainOn so i might try some revv, if they have it.. What do you think?