Saturday, July 23, 2011

Crazy Confessions

  Sometimes on the way home from work in the morning I listen to radio stations where the DJ's just talk. I'd prefer to listen to music, but on occasion they can be really, really funny. The things people say when they call in make me feel better about my own life.

  A few mornings ago there was a particularly funny show on about the weird things that people do, including OCD behavior and just downright funny/stupid things. That combined with a similar blog post about the same thing got me thinking about the "crazy" things I do. It's time for a little confession session, my dear bloggys. If I called into the station, I would say:

 I confess that when I drive through a yellow light, I have to kiss my fingers and then touch the ceiling of the car. If I don't, I will get in a car accident. It's something I've done my whole life...I thought everyone did that? Guess not. Does that make me crazy??

 I confess that each time I leave the apartment, I have to kiss my cat and tell him I will be back. Then I have to kiss my dog and tell her I promise I'll be back soon. If I don't do this, they might get their feelings hurt or think I'm never coming back. No matter how big of a hurry I'm in or how late I'm running, I will find the cat and dog and speak to them.

I confess that I am so paranoid of getting bed bugs from a hotel/motel/holiday inn that I keep my bags and clothes elevated and off the floor at all times (either on the desk or bed). Does this make me super paranoid, or just plain crazy?? 

I confess that I have a ritualistic order to my shower routine. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash. Any interruption or change in this makes me have to start all over again and complete it in the right order. Does this mean I have OCD or does it just make me crazy??

I confess that when I see or hear an ambulance, I have to say this huge prayer to myself in my head. If I don't, the person in the ambulance might die. you knew this question was coming... What do you do that makes  you  crazy?? Don't be shy now....


Divya @ Saved By The BEHL said...

I love the idea of this post! I do the yellow light thing too! In fact, now if I don't do it my husband will be something wrong? How come you forgot? LOL

Ashley O. @ The Vegetable Life said...

We have a lot in common.... I HAVE to kiss my fist and punch the ceiling of my car too whenever I go through a yellow lights.... and I am the same way about my shower (shampoo, conditioning, facewash, body wash in that order and it can never change!)

Ashley said...

That bed bugs picture is terrifying! I do the same routine with showers- definitely not ocd right??

Anonymous said...

My friend totally does the yellow light thing!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I do all those same things (and I have the same order in the shower!) except for the running a yellow light one. I actually just hope there isn't a cop when I do that. The ambulance one dates back to high school. When we would be traveling to a game and an ambulance drove by, the entire bus would stop talking and say a Hail Mary for the person(s) the ambulance is going toward.

And I DEFINITELY believe if I don't kiss the animals good bye they will think I don't love them! -Jane

Anonymous said...

I do alot of things like this but i'm not sure if i'm ocd or what. I always put the tv on even numbers. I ahve to order everything from least to small andi'm always using my finger to draw random stuff and if i don't draw it right i have to do it again.I can never finish the last bite of my food.I always do this thing when im cleaning m yroom adn i go and pick up tewn things thne i have to take a 10 minute break and then do it over again!I always am the last one out the door and i lock it then i have to come back 6 times to check and make sure that the dor is locked even thoguh i know it is.I can't really control these things.I always have to count things .Also i have to make sure i did everything right before i turn stuf in. and i'm always worrying! And i keep unecasary items like i have a shoe boxs full of price atgs and i have a backpack full of candy rappers!!!!!!!!