Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Boyfriend!

 This is a tribute to the best boyfriend I could dream up. I wrote this for his birthday to describe what he means to me: 

 You are the green in my eyes, the lines of my face, the space between my fingers-
a natural, easy part of myself. You are great, long hugs and little kisses
on the tip of my nose.
You are long drawn out goodbyes and a wink when I turn around at the door.
You are encouraging when I am not and you are confident when I am scared.
You are exhausted Friday nights, ordering in and cuddling on the couch
and you are lazy Sunday afternoons, cat naps and football games.
You are getting lost in the car with me driving to Chicago
and you are long drives listening to Jim Gaffigan and laughing 
so hard I can't breathe.
You are adding endings to words and thinking of nicknames for everything.
You are forever mocking my laugh
and closing your eyes with an open mouth
You are watching Lost episodes in college 
and taking me on multiple dates that I never considered to be dates. 
You are the first hug when you got back from Spring Break and we knew our lives would never be the same.

You are finishing my sentences,
my thoughts,
you are knowing what I want before I even know what I want!
You are understanding
and loving.
You are plain toast for breakfast and letting me eat half of it.
You are "love is the last bite"
and the best chili I've ever had.
You are seeking out hole-in-the-wall bars and eating fried pickles
You are playing poker at Caddy's,
You are drinking a bottle of Tequila with me when I passed boards,
you are all my memories of weddings with tangueray & tonics,
You are driving in the car with the top down,
making my hands dance to all the songs
You are supportive of all my crazy ideas
and you are supportive of my giving up on all my crazy ideas!

You are a positive thinker, a steady hand to my madly
spinning thoughts and anxious ways.
You are the shoulder I always cry on
(and get makeup on)
and then you are making me laugh while I'm still crying!

You are a million things,
a million laughs
and memories
and a million gestures and sayings
that still make me smile every time.
You are my home,
my friend, my favorite.

I love you.

Happy birthday PNJ! 


Andrea said...

This is absolutely adorable! Love it! Especially this line--->"You are supportive of all my crazy ideas and you are supportive of my giving up on all my crazy ideas!" I am the same way! Lol!

kelli said...

so sweet!