Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Southern Adventure Part II

 Today was part II of our spontaneous-exciting-southern-adventure!

Part one was last summer, a few months after we moved down south. We had been wanting to go to Charleston, SC for awhile but kept griping about money and time constraints. One morning we woke up and decided to be spontaneous; we threw our bathing suits in the car and jumped in my convertible with only the clothes on our back. We drove down to Charleston, went to the beach, played in the ocean, walked around the historic district, and had a great time! The only money we spent was on gas and a gatorade we bought.
 Here's some of my favorite pics from our trip to Charleston:

I loved the character that the city had, although it was small. It was old and had a lot of history. The houses were huge and reminded me of the civil war stories I had heard.
 One of the huge houses:

 The trip to Charleston was good for us because it showed us that we can still have fun and do the things we want without having a lot of money. Sure we might have been able to do more things with more money, but all we really wanted to do was go to the beach and see the area. Charleston is very small, so we covered the whole historic district in about an hour. It was a beautiful day and so refreshing to get out of our little apartment.

 Fast forward to today...

With Charleston as an example in our memory, last night we decided to just get up and go somewhere else we have been wanting to go, but have been putting off waiting for "the right time".

I woke up at 4 am this morning (because I was so excited of course), or maybe because I'm on night shift schedule now ;) and lay awake in anticipation of the day.
 Today was the day we would go to... (drum roll please...)

Savannah, Georgia

 a place we have been wanting to go for a few months now. As I mentioned, we kept putting it off, wanting to wait on "more money" so we could get the whole experience, complete with fancy dinners, museum tours and a nice bed and breakfast. We were waiting on "more time", like a few days that we both had off work. Last night we realized that sometimes you just have to go, instead of planning and waiting. Who's to say it would ever happen if we kept waiting. Who's to say either or both of us will even see tomorrow's light of day?

 This is me at 7 am, bright eyed and bushy tailed, taking my wheatgrass shot. Last night I exchanged emails with a former co-worker of mine and we discussed wheatgrass, so this picture is for you Terri B, to show how small a serving of wheatgrass is, and how easy it is to get down :)

Down the hatch:

Not sure why my eyes are closed. (I blame all the years of taking shots while I was in a sorority.)

 After breakfast we jumped in the car and headed south!
It could not have been a more beautiful day. This was our view on the way down

When we got hungry, we stopped at a rest area to eat the lunch that we packed.

We had brought chips, salsa, hummus, celery & carrots, a large green salad, apples, bananas and peanut butter - basically a feast fit for kings. Talk about saving money and feeling great, instead of feeling heavy and weighed down after spending money on grease, fat and carbs.

 Finally arrived! This is historical Savannah, Georgia. What a beautiful place.

 I love how big and weepy the trees are:

  Much like Charleston, Savannah has a lot of history and character. Although painful and oppressive times made it what it is today, you can't deny the beauty and magnificence of the trees, houses, and streets.

This is at forsythe park:

I also liked the windy, old-school architecture like these stairs:

It's hard to capture large places in a small picture, but the streets were magnificent in real life:

It was super hot! We took a break at a cafe and drank a "vegan smoothie" - how cool! The owners even gave sophie a dog discuit!

For dinner, we had a picnic in the sun. It was sunny, warm and peaceful, and there was something romantic about being there together, just the two of us..

 I have a deep faith, a faith that has been tested many times, but it has also been renewed and strengthened each time, expanding and rippling out in beautiful layers with each strife and joy.
I think that if moving south has taught us anything about life, it's that sometimes we just need to 
let go
Let God.
Listen to your intuition,
and go for it! 

Wishing you sunshine,
and love
wherever you may be :) 

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