Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mexican fever

Hey everyone!
So it's been a hectic few days, I worked three night shifts in a row, had one day off, worked three more in a row, had one full day off yesterday, slept most of the day today, and I'm back into night shift again tonight. It was an amazing and fun weekend with the most beautiful weather, but I'll post on that later! Thanks for hanging in there with me whenever I'm flipping back and forth between days and nights and don't post for a few days. I have a few days off coming up so I am going to be trying new recipes and posting about them!

I received the most sincere, thoughtful and kind text message yesterday. It woke me up, and I can't imagine a better way to wake up than to hear something so sweet. It was from my friend Mandy in Ohio (hi mandy!) and it said: "Thank you for all your information on your blog. You have inspired me to revolutionize my entire diet!"
 When I started this blog, I wanted to inspire people to take charge of their life and eating habits; to show them that they do make a difference; to be informed on what they are eating; and to be able to cook easy, healthy meals. Knowing that I am achieving that is so amazing and it's what keeps me going...So thank you so much Mandy, and all my other readers!  I looked at my "stats" page and saw that last month alone there were 819 views, and I have 1,190 views total. Considering this blog just started last month, I am pretty impressed! Thank you to everyone for your support, desire to read & change, and your input!

Moving on to the good stuff.. We have had some serious mexican food cravings! As I posted before, we learned how to make raw taco meat  and made tacos:
 and then quesadillas:

The next day I was still craving something mexican-y, so I made a big burrito with fajita veggies, brown rice, and black beans. I wrapped it all into a whole wheat tortilla:

Topped it with some dairy-free daiya cheese, dairy-free sour cream and salsa:

And devoured it!

 Fast forward to today...I woke up today feeling a little sleep-deprived, so I had a shot of wheatgrass
and then made a strawberry smoothie:
vegan protein powder
almond milk
frozen strawberries

It was like a strawberry shake, but better..

No milk fat, no processed white sugar, no fourth stomach of a baby cow...

The possibilities for shakes and smoothies are so vast and delicious. I make my smoothies in a 7 year old "smoothie maker" which has a broken handle and no pour-spout. If I can do it, anyone can do it! You can use a magic bullet, a food processor, a margarita-maker...Get creative! It's worth it!

This week I will be trying new recipes and posting some food photos. I'll show you what I did over the weekend and be less tired, promise!

If you're just now catching up, some of my recent posts include:

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Hopefully that will keep you reading & inspired for the next few days, while I work night shift and get some winks :)  Have a great night everyone!

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