Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

 My Mom used to
make separate dishes for my picky-eater sister
instead of making a dish for herself.
"Why do you do that?" We'd ask
"One day you'll understand" She'd say

My Mom would wake up early to pack my lunch
and put notes in my lunchbag:
"I love you"
"You can do it!"

My Mom is
smart, creative,
and funny.
She can talk with her hands like she's doing 
sign language.

My Mom would stay up all night
to nurse a sick child,
then worrying about a late teenager,
 and now talking to a struggling young adult.
I don't think she's ever gotten much sleep.

My Mom is someone who
made up songs and rhymes
to help us remember
numbers and facts.
I still sing my 6's to the tune of london bridges! 

My Mom likes
coffee creamer
and cupcakes
but always serves everyone else first,
and last, then is left with none.
When my brother notices and offers his piece,
"No, you eat it, I'm not hungry!" She says.

My Mom 
can speak 
with her eyes.
One look
 and we knew we were in trouble.

My Mom 
learned to skype,
and even gave facebook a try
Just to communicate with us.

My Mom
is still the first person I call when I'm sick.
Even though she's on the other side of the country
and can't do anything for me,
I just want to hear her voice.

My Mom 
is such an amazing individual
Everyone she meets falls in love with her.
The park, the school, the grocery.
Oh, the grocery.

Happy Mothers Day,
One day, I hope to be a Mom
so that I can be to someone else
the Mom that you were
to me.

I love you! 

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Kari said...

aaawwww Chel.... it feels so tender and raw - brings tears to my eyes and love to my heart... I feel proud to be your mom... I love you ;o)