Monday, May 23, 2011

Juice Fast Review

 Just a quick little post before I head into work. I've had a busy weekend; first with the juice fast then all the fun we had after breaking the juice fast! I will post more pics and details later but I did want to comment on how I've felt since breaking the fast.

 When I broke the fast I could technically eat anything I wanted. Strangely, though, I only wanted fruit and vegetables (juices to be exact). I remember thinking "I could have anything I want, but I'm eating a salad?!" I also remember thinking that I didn't feel that much different after my fast, but apparently I didn't know exactly all it had done. The morning after I broke the fast, not only was I not hungry, but when I became hungry all I wanted was carrot or apple juice. I juiced and had a green smoothie for breakfast and lunch, and dinner was great, but I got full quickly.

 It's been a few days since the fast has been over and in general, I feel good. I was able to go to the gym today and we've spent a lot of time outside enjoying the sun and good weather. In retrospect, it was mentally hard to make it through the fast, but I made it, and now I crave healthier foods in general.

 If anyone is thinking of doing a fast, I encourage you to do try it. In the very least, it will show you were you stand with will power!


kelli said...

i'm so glad it went well for you!

Andrea said...

Hey girlie! I miss you too and yes, absolute deal that we'll get together when you get back in town! :)I'd really like to try a juice fast. I'm staying in town this weekend, so maybe that'll be a good time to try a 3-day one? Are their side effects at all? Also, what kind of juicer do you have? I need to get one.

MoonPea said...

Juicing is very hard and it sounds like you did an incredible job! I feel like the real effects of a fast only come afterward when you gain enhanced perspective, but I'd love to know what you think. Hope you have a great weekend :)

Alessandra said...

You did well to just start with salad and fruit, after a fast (juice or nothing) is what you should do, you body probably understood that :-).


Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

Glad to hear that the fast went well for you & that you're feeling good!

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

I liked my 3 day fast, and was eating less afterwards. Though today I binges on amazing potato salad my hubby had made with veganaise. We never buy that stuff and it was so yummy......I suck!!
But the juice feast was cool and I would love the discipline to do it for a bit longer next time!

Neil Thanedar said...

Before considering a juice fast, please understand two important facts:

1. While crash diets do cause weight loss, a large amount of the decrease can be attributed to lost water or muscle mass. Humans are not equipped to properly handle extreme weight loss in a short amount of time, and programs like juice cleanses can often lead to decreased metabolism and other side effects.

2. These cleanses cause extreme spikes and valleys in blood sugar levels, which can be extremely dangerous, especially to those at risk of diabetes. Juice cleanses and other 'extreme' fad diets also can contribute to accelerated aging effects.


Anonymous said...

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