Monday, May 2, 2011

Vegan Babes

 Recently PETA did a post about adorable vegan babies, and I just had to show some of the pictures.

I love all of them and could never be able to choose the "cutest" if I had to...Although the very last one tugs at my heart a little more than the rest :) 
 From womb to cradle and then out into the world, a vegan diet can provide and sustain everyone in your family! I think it is so awesome to see all these pictures of healthy little vegan babies. Keep up the good work Moms & Dads :) 
  Do you have any pictures of your vegan babies that you would like to share? 


Lauren said...

These pictures are way too cute! I think it sends a great message that babies/children can eat a vegan diet and be perfectly healthy!

I can't wait to have children to that I can feed them the most nutritious plant based diet ever! OK, well that's not the only reason I can't wait to have children :)

Michele said...

I agree! you're funny. i know what you mean. i was going to add some comments like "I can't wait to have kids" or "im glad this sends the message that you can have healthy babies" but decided to just let the pictures do the talking instead :)

Nicole @ Fresh & Fit said...

Aww too cute. I'm going to have to show this to my fiance. He doesn't believe kids can live with out dairy and meat. He has a lot to learn.

cakewhiz said...

awww! those babies are all so cue! way to go vegan babies!

Kate Kedziora said...

ahhh those kids look malnourished and starving!!! NOT! Vegan kids can be healthy and vibrant and just as normal as other kids! :)

Luiz Claudio said...

The Big Band Kids!